Josh’s First Post

3/26/11 08:22 PM (12:22 PM CST)

We are in a van on our way from the airport just outside of Amman to Petra, approximately 120 miles south. The sun was setting as we were leaving the airport, and it was beautiful over the desert backdrop. Moments ago we stopped at a convenience store for fuel and snacks. I have been waiting 9 long years to taste the sweet, chocolatey delight of the Mars bar. At some point they stopped producing them in the US, which is most unfortunate. I grew quite fond of them during my summer service project in Amsterdam during college. I digress.

Our flight was quite unremarkable. The food was tasty, and the movie selection was impressive. I finally got to watch The King’s Speech! I don’t sleep much on planes, and that streak continues.

Ironically enough, I fell asleep right after that last sentence… Anyway, the flight was good and we landed uneventfully in Amman, Jordan. We then got a ride to Petra, Joran, which is about 3 hours south of Amman. Petra is a city that is home to an ancient city that remains to this day and is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. We checked in to our hotel, which was fine but chilly and lacking much hot water and water pressure. All in all, it was a fine place to get a good night’s sleep.

Breakfast the next morning, for me anyway, was mostly fresh bread with cheese and several cups of delicious hot tea. We then set out to the historic city of Petra, and had a great time exploring through caverns, up mountains, and around the ancient ruins. I will try to post a few pictures.

Next, we stumbled upon a parade outside the gates of Petra and caught a glimpse of King Abdullah, the King of Jordan. It was interesting to see the people so excited to see their leader, particularly amidst the protests and controversy going on in the capital.

After being delays a couple of hours by the King and his entourage we took the scenic route to the border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank, which is a post all by itself that I will work on soon.



2 Responses to “Josh’s First Post”
  1. Stephanie Stauffer says:

    those pictures are incredible! wow!

  2. denisecpa says:

    loved the photos. the sky is so blue. stay safe.

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