We Are Speaking

I thought it would be appropriate to tell everyone that Michael, James, and I will be speaking about our experiences in the Middle East. We will elaborate on what we did, where we went, and what we learned. There will be a power point presentation of pictures never before seen and honest conversations of how … Continue reading

Exiting the West Bank

We are now in Amman, Jordan at the Arab Tower Hotel. We crossed the border from the West Bank into Jordan today because our flight leaves relatively early tomorrow and we can’t risk anyone being interrogated, detained, lost, etc. The adventure actually begins the night before when we decided to celebrate the end of our … Continue reading

Residency Programs for Palestinians

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) – one of the referral centers for the Palestinian population in Jerusalem. In fact, many of the hospitals have become somewhat specialized each primarily working with a specific specialty. For example, AVH specializes in oncology providing chemotherapy for adults and children and recently acquiring a new radiotherapy machine, in large part … Continue reading


I have never completely understood apartheid. Probably not a great area of ignorance considering my fiance’s South African upbringing. But from what I gather, there was a government in South Africa that treated whites as a privileged population and blacks as a disenfranchised population. When Nelson Mandela was elected, he made great efforts to see … Continue reading

Palm Sunday

After Augusta Victoria in the morning, we made our way back to the Old City to watch the Palm Sunday festivities in Jerusalem. This year, Easter is an even more unique celebration that usual, because the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic (and Protestant) celebrations fall on the same day. On Palm Sunday, there is a … Continue reading

Politics and the Infinite Regression

The daily life of Palestinians revolves around overcoming the obstacles of Israeli occupation. No aspect of life escapes this effect. Ignore religion and national patriotism (Israeli, Palestinian, American, or otherwise) for the moment. There are Israelis and Palestinians and they are living near one another. The Israelis have the military power. The Palestinians have some … Continue reading

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