I fit the battle of Jericho

Here are some shots from our trip to Jericho–it was a really amazing place to be. The city is reportedly (confirmed by wikipedia) the oldest continually inhabited city on Earth. Incredible. There are some ruins that remain from approximately 9000 BC, and I have included a few pictures of them. You will quickly note that they do not compare with the remains of the ancient city of Petra, which is really far less ancient, having been established around 1500 BC.

In addition to the ruins of the original city of Jericho we took a gondola lift/cable car across Jericho starting near the ruins and ending at the Mount of Temptation, which is where Jesus is believed to have fasted for 40 days and nights. Within the monastery there is a large cave that has functioned as a chapel for hundreds of years, and according to the Monks at the monastery, it is the cave where Jesus resided while on the mountain. Occasionally, the monks will open the rod-iron gate blocking entry to the cave and allow visitors to enter the cave. We were fortunate enough to enter the cave. There is a small tunnel exiting the main cave and leading down to a smaller sub-cave that was barely big enough for Harb, James, and I to sit. It was an impressive place to see. The whole monastery is a truly fascinating place to see. It is literally on the edge of the mountain, and the view from it is stunning. I included shots looking toward the monastery from the ruins of the old city, shots from inside the monastery, and some shots from just outside the monastery showing the incredible view of Jericho and the Jordan Valley below.

Finally, there are some photos from our drive back to Ramallah from Jericho. They aren’t the best quality since they were taken through the taxi windows while cruising down the highway, up and down mountains, and around hairpin curves. They really show just how diverse the West Bank environment can be in just a 40 mile drive. We saw everything from dry, barren desert to lush green pastures with flocks of sheep grazing.

Oh, and if you don’t understand the title of this post you can google “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho.” It’s a great African-American spiritual that preceded the civil war and was canonized into my 7th grade choir list by music greats like Mahalia Jackson and Elvis Presley.


One Response to “I fit the battle of Jericho”
  1. Viv Mercer says:

    Hi Mike,
    I love the pictures. The landscape looks amazing. From lush green to desert areas. Your experiences wil be something to remember for a life time. Ilove your sunglasses they look like somthing Bryce would have. Corn Carnival is June 24,25 and 26. If you can’t make it for that the Bryce Mercer Memorial Golf Tournament is July 23rd. Justina is buying a house in Reinbeck. She closes on it next weekend. Then we are going to move her on Easter weekend. I think you spent one Easter with the Mercer’s and we had Hamballs for Easter dinner!!! If you haven’t heard about your other college friends Eric Gorres has accepted a job in Los Angelos CA and will be working for Toyota. Cassidy and Steph had a baby girl on March 31st or April 1st not sure which. Her name is Paeytn ithink that is the correct spelling. Iknow it is spelled really differant. You probably knew Bergman is getting married in August. That is about all I know. I bet your time is really going fast there and you are keeping very busy. Thanks for the note. Be safe and enjoy!!! Love Viv

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