I Got My Permit

It has been approved! My permit into Israel was accepted a few hours ago and I will be able to join Joshua, Michael, and James to Jerusalem! This was the birthplace of both my parents and I can’t even get into the city without 2 month of planning, two letters, numerous phone calls, and a couple hundred shekels (the Israeli currency). This will be the first time I get to go to Jerusalem in 10 years and the first time I get to go to Tel Aviv or any other city within Israel in 12 years. I am very excited! This was all possible because I applied for a permit through one of the hospitals that we are rotating in Jerusalem. The hospitals include Hadassah, Augusta Victoria Hospital, and Makassed Hospital.

The permit is not a free pass by any means. There are parameters outlined on the document such has what time I can enter and what time I need to leave. It also indicates the locations where I am allowed to go. It currently states to go to the specific hospital but since that hospital is in Jerusalem, I can get away with visiting various sites throughout the city. However, we have a day to travel throughout all of Israel and technically I am not permitted to go to any of these places. The trip is planned for next week and I most definitely plan on going, so we shall see how that day will end up.


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