1)      Medical students here wear jeans. Every day. And they get long coats.

2)      The Palestinian stereotype of America is of the promised land. Many seem to think everyone lives like a corporate executive in northern California. They young people think we are all promiscuous.

3)      Male doctors do not do OB, GYN, or Female well exams. Midwives and Nurses have their own exam room.

4)      Birth control is a non-issue for Muslim women. Only permanent tubal ligation is religiously prohibited.

5)      Iowa is the Arabic word for “yeah” or “yup”. Slang for “Yes”.

6)      Everyone gets Acamol (Arabic Tylenol).

7)      The only Arabic word Josh can consistently remember is “Mabrouk” or Congratulations. He uses it as a greeting and to say thank you. It works surprisingly well.

8)      Palestine, Israel plus the West Bank and Gaza Strip, is almost as big as Massachusetts. Iowa is 5 times as large as Palestine.

9)      Arak is a Palestinian liquor. It tastes like Black Jelly Beans.

One Response to “Observations”
  1. Jared Krauss says:

    James, I got an email from my Professor, Denes Gaszi, about this blog.

    I must say, I really enjoy your writing.

    Keep it up and well done.

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