Our own War War

Today was our last day at the Am’ary camp. Harb’s cousin Rolla was afraid for us, since she heard that there were some tough characters in the Am’ary camp. But we had Mike with us. I can’t think of better security than Bouska. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us before we left. It was a laid back day in clinic. Harb won everyone over again completely with a tray of baklava.

I had tea again with Arabyha, today. For a culture that enjoys incredibly bitter and strong Turkish-style coffee, I find it amazing to watch them turn their tea into Kool-Aid. They will dump 2-3 heaping tablespoons of sugar into a small teacup, without blinking.  Arabyha was explaining how Harb Harb’s name was funny to everybody. Since all Arab names are actually just common nouns, everyone’s name has a meaning. Harb means “war”. Halima means “calm”. Sa’ed means “leader”. Sayeed means “happy”. Arabyha actually means “Arabian”. Harb claims he doesn’t know what anyone else’s name means.

Then we visited the Jordanian embassy to pay the 200 shekel extortion, er, “visa fee”, to merely drive from the border to Amman. Why couldn’t we use the 1 month visa we already paid for in the Amman airport? Because that’s how they get you. It’s a shekel-down.  Oh well, off to Rawabi we went. Rawabi is a city in development, planned from the ground up, and people in Ramallah are very excited about the construction. George, our tour guide, showed us just how they intended to lay out the new Palestinian city. There were some major earthworks in progress. It is impressive to see them carving roads and terraces into these steep rocky hills.

One Response to “Our own War War”
  1. Hayat Nabulsi says:

    I love, love, love reading your blog! I’m going to be a first year Med student at the University of Texas- Houston next year, and I’m also of a Palestinian origin.
    I can, unbelievably, relate to this! I chuckled a few time while reading your blog, and was also reminded with the bad situation, and well…home.
    This is truly inspiring, and I can say that I’m ultimately jealous of your experience.
    I have no idea how I ended on this page, but I’m glad I did. I will also make sure to share it!

    Thank you so much for sharing this precious experience.

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