UNRWA Clinic

Here are the photos from our time at the Am’ari Refugee Camp. We worked there at the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) clinic. The clinic provides basic primary care for adults and children, including acute care and chronic disease follow-up. The staff at the clinic were very kind and friendly. They welcomed us with open arms. They fed us brunch every day and provided ample tea and arabic coffee. The physicians there provide good care, and they have to be very efficient. They see more than twice as many patients as the busiest clinics in the US each day, and they do so with very limited resources. The other guys have told you more about the clinic, so I will let you refer back to their posts.

As for the photos, they show the outside and inside of the clinic. The room with white benches and green walls is the main waiting room, with doors that lead to exam rooms, a laboratory, a break room, medical records, and a hallway leading to the x-ray suite and more exam rooms. The last day we were there a large community event/workshop was being held. There were educational sessions for children and adults in the community regarding dental care. It was an excellent public health program. Finally, there were several attempts to get all the clinic staff together with us for a group photo, and you can see that process in action below. Enjoy.



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