Oto and…Uh oh, religion

For a future emergency medicine physician, who would have thought that a single day on otolaryngology could be so enlightening? I gained knowledge in medicine and wisdom in life. In my two week oto rotation at Iowa, I never saw a post-surgery tonsillectomy. I saw one today, and now know that the impressive white membrane where the glands previously resided is a normal finding, and a 2am ENT consult is not necessary (you’re welcome Dr. Hulstein).

In post-rounds conversation, the topic strayed to thee tabooed subject- religion. I was educated on some of the rules of Islam and why the conflict here may conclude politically, but will never be resolved between religions. From what I gather, Judaism says that the holy land is an area promised to the Jews by God, while Islam states that when Qiyamah (judgement day) arrives, this same holy land must be controlled by Muslims. While this is, by no means, the opinion of all followers of either group, I had never heard these particular religious arguments so clearly stated.

An interesting difference between the religions (please correct me if I’m wrong) is the tolerance of other religions in the state controlling the region. Israel is, by design and desire, a Jewish state. The state would be, on some level, tarnished if non-Jewish populations ran rampant within the state. On the other hand, the Koran demands tolerance of religion and opinion. One historic event involved the destruction of a Jewish man’s home in the construction of a mosque; the Caliph of the day ordered the man’s home rebuilt and the mosque constructed so as to not interfere with the man’s life and choice of worship.

Obviously, not all participants in either religion ascribe to these tenants.

No matter the religious or political affiliation, killing is not allowed (evidently neither side has come across this rule). I’m pretty sure God is supposed to be the judge. Furthermore, I’d be willing to bet that any semi-rational God wouldn’t really give a crap what the “earthly” political boundaries were.

The complexities of this situation never cease to amaze and confuse me.


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