Today we went to Be’lin. People gathered after the Mulsim prayer- around 1pm. A very nice young woman from Tel Aviv informed us of procedures of what to do in response to the standard deterrents near the fence. Don’t get shot by the water cannon- your clothes will smell so bad that no taxi will … Continue reading

Health and Advocacy in Palestine

During the past two weeks here, we have met many incredible, brilliant, intelligent, and motivated people that I am so honored to have met. One of these individuals was during our rotation in the Palestine Medical Complex Pediatric Department. Dr. Tony Waterston (Picture below) was a guest lecturer from Britain that has worked with the … Continue reading


A tour of the  Am’ari camp with Yousef (the jack-of-all-trades at the clinic) was eye-opening. Questioning and further research on the nature of the camps has been even more thought provoking. The refugee camps were started by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency after the 1948 war as a “temporary” refuge for Arab persons expelled … Continue reading

Interesting Day #1

Dr. Adams of neurology recently told me the ancient Chinese curse, “May you lead an interesting life.” The border crossing yesterday was nearly an event to add to my interesting life. First though, the three hours to and from Petra were worth every bumpy, twisty, nausea-inducing minute. Notching my 3rd of the New 7 wonders … Continue reading

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