Residency Programs for Palestinians

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) – one of the referral centers for the Palestinian population in Jerusalem. In fact, many of the hospitals have become somewhat specialized each primarily working with a specific specialty. For example, AVH specializes in oncology providing chemotherapy for adults and children and recently acquiring a new radiotherapy machine, in large part … Continue reading

UNRWA Clinic

Here are the photos from our time at the Am’ari Refugee Camp. We worked there at the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) clinic. The clinic provides basic primary care for adults and children, including acute care and chronic disease follow-up. The staff at the clinic were very kind and friendly. They welcomed us … Continue reading

Island of Sanity

I haven’t had free time to write about it, and our stay with the Israeli Hadassa hospital has already concluded. We were given a sample lecture from a “terror workshop” offered by the hospital, which I found fantastically interesting since a lion’s share of preparations and actions surround emergency medicine. As a conclusion to the … Continue reading

Nurturing Hope at Birzeit

Why are you here? As Americans, everyone from street vendors and taxi drivers to physicians and architects ask us this question. So, this was the question we were greeted with by the deans of the Institute of Community and Public Health at Berzeit University. I was ready with my standard answer: that we’re medical students … Continue reading

Compare and Contrast; Here and There

Today was our last day at the UN refugee Ama’ari camp. It was great to come back to one of the camps I worked at 3 years ago to conduct my public health research assessing healthcare accessibility of Palestinian refugees. The results indicate that refugees do not face many obstacles to  reach the clinic due … Continue reading

Health and Advocacy in Palestine

During the past two weeks here, we have met many incredible, brilliant, intelligent, and motivated people that I am so honored to have met. One of these individuals was during our rotation in the Palestine Medical Complex Pediatric Department. Dr. Tony Waterston (Picture below) was a guest lecturer from Britain that has worked with the … Continue reading

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