Medical Students

James Brown

I am a fourth year medical student going into Pediatrics, with the long term goal of moving on to fellowship. My interest in this global elective stems from my desire to correct my glaring lack of experience with any people outside of the Midwest United States. An elective in the West Bank will expose me to a refugee population and variety of new cultures without the tinted lens of American journalism.

Michael Bouska

I am a fourth year medical student and I will be participating in research for one year then entering a residency in emergency medicine. I’m interested in global medicine and global health because the world is getting smaller every day and a high level of health care is a basic human right for all citizens of the world.

Joshua Fischer

I am a fourth year medical student going into Family Medicine because I want to care for patients of all ages and provide obstetric care.  I am eager to travel to the West Bank for this elective–I am interested in global health and health policy.  It will be instructive to see the Palestinian health care system in action and compare the way Palestinians receive care to the way Israelis and Americans receive care.

Harb Harb

I am a fourth year medical student going into Internal Medicine. My interest in global health stems from my childhood experiences living in the West Bank and my education at the University of Iowa. I’m inspired to bring other medical students with me to Palestine and Israel both to expand their cultural understanding of the region as well as understanding the disparities between the various heathcare systems. My particular area of interest is how healthcare systems are affected by political turmoil.

One Response to “Medical Students”
  1. Helen Steffen says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is interesting to read how you interact, your observations and your resolution to learn all you can, I look forward each day to checking my email to see what you have to tell. Good luck on the next leg of your journey.

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