Augusta Victoria Pediatrics

I spent another day in Jerusalem’s Augusta Victoria Hospital today. I followed the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Nephrology team again. Dr. Khadra (“Green”) talked with me about how few specialists practice in the West Bank. She told me about a friend in residency who trained at Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem before leaving to do fellowship training in Jordan … Continue reading


Here are the photos from our trip to Hebron. I will again refer you to what my colleagues have already said about Hebron for more details. It is one of the most contentious cities in the West Bank with Israeli settlements and checkpoints in the heart of the old city. We went to the cave … Continue reading

History Lesson

I am going to summarize the history of geographic Palestine, as I understand it. Some of this comes from my father, some from Harb, some from Wikipedia. Palestine is a strip of habitable land between the eastern edge of the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, about the size of Massachusetts. It has been consistently inhabited … Continue reading

Augusta Victoria

Our next stop was at Augusta Victoria, a Palestinian hospital in Jerusalem. The hospital was built at the turn of the 19th century as a palace for the wife of Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm. It is a beautiful facility, built of white stone and marble, with high ceilings, a courtyard, and engraved columns. The facilities are … Continue reading

UNRWA Clinic

Here are the photos from our time at the Am’ari Refugee Camp. We worked there at the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) clinic. The clinic provides basic primary care for adults and children, including acute care and chronic disease follow-up. The staff at the clinic were very kind and friendly. They welcomed us … Continue reading

Palestine Medical Complex

Here are a few photos from the Palestine Medical Complex, where we spent our first several days working in the Pediatric department. We had morning report every day, and it was very similar to what we do in the US, albeit in a mix of Arabic and English. We then rounded on two different teams … Continue reading

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